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Canon EOS 8D Rumors with Specs


Canon EOS 8D digital SLR camera rumored again and surfaced on another retailers site as a product. Canon 8D first appeared on a Russian retailers web site, now a specs list published for the Canon EOS 8D on a Chinese retailer’s web site. Canon EOS 8D rumored to have the following specifications on the Chinese retailer’s product pageContinue Reading

Canon EOS 8D Appeared


Canon EOS 8D digital SLR camera appeared on the web. Russian camera dealer site Fotoplus has listed the Canon EOS 8D as a product. The Canon EOs 8D DSLR camera offered as both body only and with 18-55 kit lens. The lens suggests an APS-C sensored camera for the mighty Canon EOS 8D. The Russian websiteContinue Reading