Phase One Releases Capture One Pro 9.1

Phase One has released Capture One Pro 9.1 and adds Sony a6300 Raw file support, new Sony G Master lens profiles and a6300 tethering support.

Focus for this release has been the fashion and still life photographer segment, with special attention to the demands of fast-paced work environments.

Raw file support and lens profiles are added both for Capture One Pro 9.1 (for Sony) and Capture One Express 9.1 (for Sony) but tethering support is only available for Capture One Pro users.



Phase One Releases Capture One Pro 9.1

Boosting Workflow Performance for Pro Photographers

COPENHAGEN, March 17, 2016 — Phase One, the world’s leading medium format camera system and professional imaging software provider today released Capture One Pro 9.1. Focus for this release has been the fashion and still life photographer segment, with special attention to the demands of fast-paced work environments.

Known by professionals for its excellent tethering abilities, color management, and intuitive, user-definable, interface, Capture One Pro is used by photographers that demand exceptional image quality.

Capture One Pro 9.1 builds on the design objectives for greater quality, power and precision introduced last year with version 9.0 — adding workflow accelerators and providing a superior integrated workflow.

Capture One Pro 9.1 is free to existing 9 users. To see the Capture One Pro 9.1 feature set in action, visit:

Capture One Pro 9.1 highlights include:

New Workflow Tools

— ‘Copy from last’ has been re-designed for rotation, allowing for easier workflow when doing overhead shots;

— ‘Copy from last’ has been re-designed to allow the inclusion of metadata, making shot-to-shot application of copyright and other metadata easier and more intuitive;

— Rotatable Live View — live view can be orientated for still life work with next captures mirroring the live view orientation;

— Improved Shortcuts — a number of extra shortcuts are added to aid the professional workflow – reset counters, layer controls, and “select by…” are added to help in all areas of the workflow.

New Image Editing Tools

— New Skin Tone Uniformity Tool for saturation and lightness;

— New Color Editor Tools — the Color Editor Skin Tone Tool adds uniformity sliders for saturation and lightness, helping to correct for uneven skin tones.

Asset management tools

— Export/Output keyword restrictions — control and limit the keyword libraries output to final file;

— Sequence tool management for the XF Camera System (with Feature Update #2) — Images captured via the XF’s new Focus Stack, HDR Sequence and Time-lapse Tools are automatically tagged and can be automated in to collections easily

“Capture One Pro 9.1 is about quality of life improvements for working photographers,” said James Johnson, Phase One Software Product Manager. “We’ve been listening to our core user base and made some valuable additions to the application, designed ultimately to help with efficiency. In the ever increasingly competitive marketplace, production value is all about better workflow and less work.”

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