Iridient Developer Version 3.0.3 Released

Iridient Digital has released Version 3.0.3 of Iridient Developer software.

Iridient Developer is an acclaimed raw image file conversion and photo processing software for Mac OS.

The version 3.0.3 update adds support for the Nikon: D810A, Panasonic: DMC-G7, Fujifilm: X-T10, Pentax: K-3 II, Leica: Q (Typ 116), Phase One: IQ3 80MP, IQ3 60MP, IQ3 50MP and IQ150, Hasselblad: H5D-50c.


Iridient Developer 3.0.3 Released

3.0.3 – June 19, 2015 (Maintenance Release)

  • New Features:
    • Support added for RAW images from the Nikon D810A.
    • Support added for RAW images from the Panasonic DMC-G7.
    • Support added for RAW images from the Fujifilm X-T10.
    • Support added for exposure blending with multi-shot RAW HDR images from the Pentax K-3, K-3 II and 645Z.
    • Support added for RAW images from the Pentax K-3 II including multi-shot pixel shift and HDR modes.
    • Support added for RAW images from the Leica Q (Typ 116).
    • Support added for RAW images from the Phase One IQ3 80MP, IQ3 60MP, IQ3 50MP and IQ150.
    • Support added for RAW images from the Hasselblad H5D-50c.
  • Improvements:
    • Further refinements to v3.5 noise reduction, particularly for RGB based monochrome conversions. The v3.5 Color Aliasing adjustment is now enabled for use with RGB mixer based monochrome conversions (once again…).
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue where some Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) DNG images shot with compression turned on would be reported as unsupported.
    • Fixed crash on loading of single channel, monochrome TIFF images which do not contain an embedded ICC profile. These images will now default to a generic monochrome profile.
    • Fixed issue with settings files stored using the “Iridient Developer Settings” subfolder location preference option. The settings files were not being properly copied or moved along with the original images when using “Copy Selected Image(s) to Folder” and “Move Selected Image(s) to Folder”.
    • Fixed an issue with parsing the GPS longitude and latitude metadata in Fujifilm RAF images geotagged by the Fujifilm Camera Remote application.
    • On Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 systems some Leaf MOS images could show brightly color stripes in clipped highlights with noise reduction disabled.

The complete list of over 620 supported RAW cameras can be viewed here:

The Iridient Developer 3.0.2 update can be downloaded here:

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