Samsung NX400 Rumored Specifications

First set of specifications have been leaked online for the rumored Samsung NX400 mirrorless camera. The NX400 expected to feature the same 28-megapixel NX1 sensor and to be announced in February.

According to latest rumors, the next NX400 camera should be announced in January/February timeline, possible announcement could take place at CP+ 2015 event in Tokyo.

When we look at the specs list for the NX400, the mirrorless shooter will have almost the same specs as NX1 in a smaller body. The body will not be weather sealed. The buffer size of the Samsung NX400 camera said to be smaller than the NX1.

Samsung NX400 First Set of Specifications Leaked


See the rumored Samsung NX400 specifications below.

  • Same NX1 sensor 28.2MP BSI APS-C CMOS
  • Same NX1 autofous system, 205 phase-detection AF points
  • Built-in EVF
  • Smaller buffer than nx1 but triple than nx300.
  • 4K video recording (not 100% confirmed yet)
  • No weather sealed body
  • Price around $900 with kit lens

The Samsung NX400 series will replace the NX300 models, which was introduced in 2013. The features above will probably make the NX400 a strong competitor with the Sony A6000.

via SamsungCameraRumors

  • The rumor may be that the NX300 will get the NX1’s 28.2MP Sensor, but wouldn’t it fit into the NX30 Body more easily (along with the new DRIMe V upgrade that is required), and wouldn’t we want it in the WB2200F Body (a 60x Zoom with a 16.4MP Sensor) so much more …

    IF it could fit in the NX300 body why couldn’t it fit into the NX3000 Body, and leave more money on the table. With a (rumored) price point about $900 the NX300 barely has room in the budget for a redesign (because the inside is so small), along with a top-rate Sensor and a new Processor (and hopeful Battery upgrade).

    The rumor seems fishy (but the origonal Article claims a “Trusted Source”, which is more credible than my guessing, I guess).

    What do you think ?