Olympus Updates Firmware for Several OM-D and Pen Series Cameras

Olympus released a new firmware update targeted at most of its OM-D and Pen series cameras. The new firmware enhances AutoFocus (AF) precision while using M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150mm F2.8 PRO lenses.

When we look at the top level OM-D cameras, the company has rolled out firmware 2.1 compatible with E-M1 and E-M5 cameras, version 1.1 for E-PL6 and E-PL7 devices, and version 1.3 for E-PL5 and E-PM2 models.

Moreover, Olympus has also provided software update 1.5 suitable for E-PL3, E-P3, and E-PM1 digital cameras, as well as firmware 1.2 and 1.6 compatible with E-M10 and E-P5 device models, respectively.

Olympus releases firmware update for all OMD and PEN cameras with 40-150mm PRO lens support


See the list of OMD and PEN cameras with the new firmware update version names below.

E-M1 (Ver.2.1), E-M5 (Ver.2.1), E-M10 (Ver.1.2), E-P5 (Ver.1.6), E-P3 (Ver .1.5), E-PL7 (Ver.1.1), E-PL6 (Ver.1.1), E-PL5 (Ver.1.3), E-PL3 (Ver.1.5), E-PM2 (Ver.1.3), E -PM1 (Ver.1.5).

  • The only new feature is improved AF accuracy when using the new 40-150mm PRO lens.

You can download the new firmware update for the OMD and PEN cameras from Olympus Japan website.