Hasselblad H5X Medium Format Camera Announced

Hasselblad announces the new H5X Medium Format camera body.

The Hasselblad H5X features the same functionality as its predecessor and boasts full HC and HCD lens compatibility. Hasselblad will showcase the new H5X at Photokina 2014 event between September 16 – 21.

The H5X is available with a price tag for €4,595 (~$5,920 USD) without viewfinder, and €5,795 (~$7,465 USD) with viewfinder.

Hasselblad H5X Medium Format Camera Announced


Hasselblad announces groundbreaking medium format options with new H5X system at photokina

Hasselblad has announced the launch of a new and exclusive medium format camera body.

The highly versatile H5X has been developed primarily for H1, H2, H2F and H4X photographers who seek H5 capability – and also as a backup body for H5D users.

The H5X, which boasts latest capture functionality and works seamlessly with Hasselblad’s world-leading H System lenses, comes after the spring launch of the world’s first 50MP CMOS Sensor H5D-50c camera and the summer launch of the new H5D-50c MS, H5D-200c MS and the CFV-50c CMOS digital back.

Hasselblad will showcase the new H5X at photokina (Sep 16-21: Hall 02.1 Stands AO21, BO20, AO10).

Michele Channer, Hasselblad International Sales Director said: “This cutting edge camera body, which can be purchased with no trade-in required, further extends the Hasselblad capture palette for photographers. Based on the widely-acclaimed H5D range this unit is compatible not only with most of the digital backs from older H System products but also most of the third party digital backs. Additionally, photographers who love shooting film now have access to this highly advanced camera body.”

She added: “Photographers choosing the H5X can embrace the unique and comprehensive Hasselblad lens range – and for third
party digital backs, the new body offers the same functionality as the H4X.”

The H5X, which will retail at €4,595 without viewfinder (or €5,795 with viewfinder) excluding tax, provides the same extensive functionality as the H1 and H2 cameras but with a number of new functions, including:

  • True Focus – which enables photographers to concentrate completely on creativity without worrying about focus
  • Full HC and HCD lens compatibility, including HCD 24; HCD 28 and the HCD 35-90 zoom lens.
  • HVD 90x viewfinder optimised for 36×48 mm format.
  • HV 90x-II viewfinder optimised for the film and 40.2×53.7 mm format.
  • High power AF illumination.
  • The H5X features eight memory banks for easy access to previously saved camera settings.
  • All new programmable button options available with an H5D sensor unit (not with third party backs).

Other H5X highlights include:

  • Tilt/Shift solution with six lenses using the HTS 1.5x
  • Tilt/Shift adapter.
  • Superior viewfinder options.
  • H5D design on grip and grip display, for improved handling and readability.
  • Backup camera for H5D users.

For more information and data sheets click here.

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