Sony A88 and A99II A-mount Cameras To Be Announced in 2014

Sony is rumored to announce two new A-mount cameras by the second half of this year. The new Sony A-mount DSLR cameras, both will be full frame and expected to be named as A88 and A99II.

The rumor comes from anonymous sources, as if it’s true two more full frame A-mount Sony DSLRs on the way. Sony A88 and A99II cameras most likely to be announced around Photokina 2014 or by the end of this year.

Sony has announced the new A77 Mark II which is an A-Mount camera and features a fast shooting speed up to 12 fps. Sony A77 II will be released this June for a price starting at $1,198.

Sony A88 and A99II A-mount Cameras To Be Announced in 2014


Now the replacement for the Sony A58 and A99 cameras is on the rumor mill and along with an A77 replacement, the A88 and A99II A-mount cameras are also coming in 2014. As mentioned before Sony A65 will not get a replacement as the A-mount camera appears to have been discontinued by the company.

Sony A88 and Sony A99II expected to be the upcoming A-mount cameras

According to sources the two products will be called Sony A88 and Sony A99II. The A99 II will replace the A99 and will be a high-end full frame model. The Sony A88 will be the other full frame A-mount camera and expected to be a low-end model.

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