Sony A77 Mark II is The Name of The A77 Successor

Sony A77 replacement camera will be named as Sony A77 Mark II or A77II. Sony A77 Mark II will be the next A-mount camera and according to latest rumors official announcement will be in late Spring.

Sony A77II which is the name of the A77 successor, will be the only APS-C A-mount DSLR camera from Sony to be announced in 2014. It will be in stock and available in Summer. The A77II is rumored to be priced for €1,200, around $1,600 in US.

Sony A77 Mark II is The Name of The A77 Successor


Sony A77 Mark II Rumored Specs

Sony A77 Mark II is also rumored to have AF speed faster than the Sony A6000, which is the latest mirrorless camera from Sony with worlds fastest AF speed. Other highlights of the A79 or the A77II are 32MP Exmor CMOS sensor, high speed AF and probably 3-axis based hybrid image stabilization system. Take it with a grain of salt.

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