Samyang 8mm T3.1 V-DSLR UMC Fish-eye II Lens Announced

Samyang (also known as Rokinon brand) has announced the new Samyang 8mm T3.1 UMC Fish-eye II V-DSLR lens. The new lens is an updated, faster version of the Samyang 8mm T3.8 UMC Fish-eye CS II.

The Samyang 8mm T3.1 UMC Fish-eye II lens features 11 elements in 8 groups. The lens is available in Canon M, Fujifilm X, Samsung NX and Sony E mounts. See other details as below.

Samyang 8mm T3.1 V-DSLR UMC Fish-eye II Lens Announced


Samyang VDSLR 8mm T3.1 UMC Fish-eye II is an exquisite wide-angle Fisheye cine lens. It has been designed for digital reflex cameras with APS-C sensors. Samyang V-DSLR lenses are fitted with Follow Focus system’s wheels. Such a solution will allow you to obtain smooth and accurate rotation of focusing rings and the f-stop. Additionally, the aperture ring is smoothly and noiselessly rotated. Thanks to these improvements, you can now extremely easily and efficiently adjust the depth of field and focal plane when filming.

The product’s optical construction is based on 11 lens elements arranged in 8 optical groups. Thanks to the multi-layer anti-reflection UMC coatings it ensures high contrast and natural colours mapping. The lens gives a diagonal field of vision of 180 degrees, and the minimum focusing distance is only 0.3 meters. Brightness of the lens corresponds to the T 3.1 number. To facilitate the reading of the focus scale and aperture, the indexes has been marked parallel to the lens’s optical axis. The lens has been designed for cameras fitted with a high resolution sensor (above 24 mln pixels).

Samyang 8mm T3.1 V-DSLR UMC Fish-eye II is currently the smallest and the brightest Fisheye cine lens. Despite its compact sizes, the glass provides exceptional optical quality and high image parameters.

Samyang 8mm T3.1 V-DSLR UMC Fish-eye II Specification


8mm T3.1 UMC Fish-eye II

Apertures range

T3.1 ~ T22

Optical construction

11 lens elements in 8 groups (2 aspherical lenes)

Image format


Minimum focusing distance

0.3 m

Filter mount

Number of aperture blades


Maximum diameter

73.6 mm

Available mounts

Canon M

Fuji X

Samsung NX

Sony E

Angle of view [ ° ]






Length [ mm ]





Weight [ g ]





Additional functions


36 months

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