Samsung NX Camera and Lens Rumors for 2014

Samsung is rumored to announce two new NX cameras and two new NX lenses in 2014. One of the cameras will be an entry-level model NX version and the other will be another entry-level model the NX3000.

There are also new lenses to be announced by Samsung. New lenses will be a water and dust resistant, weather sealed 50-135mm f/1.8-2 S ED OIS and a 24mm f/1.4 S ED prime lens.

Samsung NX Camera and Lens Rumors for 2014


A new Samsung 300mm f/2.8 NX lens is in the works expected to be coming by 2015. Samsung is also planning to introduce a new high-end NX camera in 2015 too.

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  • M@rk

    The Chinese on this has the cameras in levels. From top to bottom:
    ? Professional
    NX30 Prosumer
    NX 300(M) Enthusiast
    NX 3000 Family Shooter