Canon EOS A1 Big Megapixel Camera with Hybrid EVF?

Canon is rumored to announce a new EOS-1 body with large megapixel sensor in 2014. Recent rumors show that the next high end, and high megapixel DSLR camera will be called the Canon EOS A1.

The upcoming camera will not replace any current DSLR and it will create a new camera line-up just like the Nikon did with the D800 / D800E cameras. The new Canon EOS A1 will feature megapixel count higher than 35MP, hybrid EVF and offers good video and still image quality.

Canon EOS A1 Big Megapixel Camera with Hybrid EVF?


The name of the camera rumored to be Canon EOS A1, it is not clear if this is the name of the prototype. If this camera is the previously rumored Canon EOS-1 body with big megapixel, it is expected to be announced in 2014, most possibly at Photokina show. Stay tuned for more updates.

via CW

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