Canon EOS M2 To Be Announced in early 2014

The next EOS M mirrorless camera rumors show up again. Canon’s mirrorless camera expected to be available this November, but now recent rumors show that the Canon EOS M2 to be announced in early 2014.

Canon EOS M2 specs also surfaced and the next EOS M mirrorless camera expected to be smaller than the current one with better AF system. Canon EOS M2 is rumored to feature 20-megapixel sensor from the new EOS70D DSLR camera.

Canon EOS M2 To Be Announced in early 2014


As rumored before, Canon is testing two versions of the new Canon EOS M mirrorless camera. The first camera will be a minor upgrade of the current EOS M. The next EOS-M camera apparently will be called the EOS M2.

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