Fujifilm X200 Full Frame Camera To Be Announced in 2014

Fujifilm is rumored to announce a new camera with full frame sensor on it. According to the recent rumors on very reliable xjrumo site, Fuji will announce a compact full frame camera called Fujifilm X200 within 2014.

The first specs shows that Fuji X200 will have on sensor stabilization and faster AF than the Sony RX1. There is not much details about the Fujifilm X200 full frame camera whether it will be a fixed lens camera or feature X-mount.

Fujifilm X200 Full Frame Camera To Be Announced in 2014


If rumors are true and there will be a Fujifilm X200 camera with full frame sensor on it. It should be an interchangeable lens camera rather than fixed lens. So with on sensor image stabilization Fuji could compete against the Sony A7 full frame mirrorless camera.

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  1. M@rk
    Posted November 24, 2013 at 3:55 am | Permalink

    So… is this the start of an entirely new lens set? I’m ready to buy a camera but everything is changing so fast in the camera market right now. I was beginning to settle on the APS-C x-series of lenses but what of this fuji full-frame? Shall we call it FFF? I think for now I’ll buy my (non-techy) wife a point-and-shoot and just wait until the photographical dust settles sometime in 2014. Our kid is 6 years old and I want a better camera than my cell phone to capture the memories.

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