The Next Low-End Olympus OM-D Camera Specs

Olympus rumored to be announced a low-end OM-D camera this year. The new OM-D camera will be priced below the Olympus OM-D E-P5 model.

The upcoming micro four thirds camera Olympus E-M1 first rumored specs has also been leaked. According to 43R there will be a low-end budget friendly Olympus OM-D camera too. The next low end OM-D camera will have the same shape and 16MP sensor as the E-M5.


The Next Low-End Olympus OM-D Camera Specs

Here are the specs leaked from the sources are as follows.

  • Same shape as the E-M5
  • Same 16MP sensor
  • EVF with lower resolution EVF (compared to the 2.3 from the OMD)
  • 2 axis stabilization
  • no weather sealing