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Canon Working on a 75MP EOS-1 DSLR Camera?

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Canon is rumored to be working on a professional DSLR camera with 75+ MP sensor. Photography Bay is reporting that a good source of theirs has told them that Canon is actively testing a 75+MP DSLR camera. The camera is expected to be a pro-sized body like the 1D X.

Canon has previously reported that they are working on a big megapixel camera. A “big megapixel” camera from Canon was expected to be in the 40-50mp range.


Canon Working on a 75MP EOS-1 DSLR Camera?

A big megapixel pro DSLR camera with 75+ MP sensor, design like Canon EOS-1D X to feature a new processor and to be announced in 2014. The rumored big megapixel camera rumored to have greater fram rates than the EOS 1D X.

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