Sony RX1R Full Frame Camera Announcement on June 27, Specs

Sony RX1R full frame camera to be announced on June 27, along with the expected Sony RX200 / RX100 MKII digital compact camera announcement.

The new full frame RX camera is previously named as Sony RX2. According to the leaked manual, the camera will look identical to the RX1 and the new version of the RX1 full frame compact camera will be called RX1R or Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1R.

The only difference between the actual RX1 and the RX1R is that the RX1R has no Anti Aliasing filter. The new DSC-RX1R will be introduced as “High Resolution” version and the manual is the same as the current RX1 model.

Sony RX1R Full Frame Camera Announcement on June 27


Sony RX1R full frame camera will be announced with Sony RX200 / RX100 MKII digital compact camera on June 27, 2013. There maybe also a surprise “Mobile Cybershot” smartphone camera announcement expected too.

Sony RX1R Full Frame Camera Specs

Sony-RX1-R-specifications Sony-RX1-R-specifications-2 Sony-RX1-R-specifications-3


via PR, SAR

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