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Nikon is Rumored to Announce a New Nikon D4x Digital SLR Camera This Year

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First rumors about the new Nikon cameras start to show itself in the rumors. We already write about Nikon D7000 successor. Maybe the new Nikon D7100 is coming before April 2013.

In addition to the D7000 replacement in April, Nikon is rumored to announce a new digital SLR camera this year. Rumored Nikon dslr camera is Nikon D4x.

Not a replacement for Nikon D4 but improved version especially as sensor and megapixels.  Maybe the name will change says Nikon Rumors but as of this time we have some rumored details about Nikon D4x.

Nikon D4x Rumored Specs

  • Same body as the Nikon D4
  • 36MP sensor designed and made by Nikon, comes without AA filter. Awaiting improvements like in-camera moire reduction.
  • 6 fps (11 fps is the maximum possible fps with the current shutter)
  • Few video improvements
  • Price should be few hundred dollars above the D4 (currently listed for $5996.95).
  • Announcement expected in fall of 2013

Looks like Nikon is rumored to announce only two new DSLR cameras in 2013 – a new high end DX and new high end FX camera.


via Nikon Rumors

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